Tuesday, December 13, 2011

VIDEO// Little Racer: Little Racer

I'm digging this new Little Racer video, taken from the split single that I covered last month entitled 'Split for the Coast'. Directed by one Cate Schappert, whose work I've promised to explore further, these four minutes are truly smile-inducing. Shot at night, you can almost feel the heat of the street-lamps as they stare out into the gloom. This repeated pattern of flashes becomes hypnotic as dawn grows closer. Stars pop in and out of existence as our protagonists cycle, playing on swings and dancing about. The street is empty. A sense of freedom takes hold, rebellion against the day and the troubles of work and money and the restraints of everyday man. You simply need company to enjoy life to the fullest it can be! Stream this romantic, charming video above and read my review of the single if you like it!