Wednesday, December 14, 2011

MP3// Terracotta Blue: Healer

America's Terracotta Blue hails from Takoma Park in Maryland, but it doesn't matter where he's from. Where his music takes you is what's important! When he dropped this track into my inbox the other day I'll admit the over saturated, posterised art put me off. But, sticking to my belief that covers shouldn't influence the decision to listen, I dived into the two-track effort with hopes and expectations. I wasn't disappointed. 'Healer' is actually the b-side to this release, with 'Arcade' being the first, but I found it equally if not more impressive. Four and a half minutes long, chillwave vibes race across a melancholy soundscape. Electronic glitches and subtleties detail your surreal surroundings, repeated phrases unifying all too well the abstract refraction seen through this alien lens. Pipes are blown with a delicacy matched by the melodic synths, and everything stays rather at the back of the music. The beat is our protagonist, leading the way with all the beautiful, illusive components simply in toe. But you know what, I like it. It's almost dream-like, bubbling under the surface of your mind. Wandering this stress-free land meander animals of rarity. That great lament barely audible at 3:00 is the cry of an unimaginably huge creature. A cry of happiness, it mourns the last of its days upon this euphoric utopia. Get 'Healer' and 'Arcade' over on Terracotta Blues Bandcamp for free but stream the former up above before you do. Bandcamp here!