Sunday, December 11, 2011

MP3// Sun Sister: Sore Eyes

Hailing from Fitchburg Massachusetts, Sun Sister dropped this little gem of a number onto my lap a couple of days ago. Taken from their EP, 'Rich American White Kidz', which is set to be unleashed on the public upon the dawn of New Year's Day, 'Sore Eyes' simply rocks. When I say rocks, it is more of a slow sway, undulating atop the swell of a dreampop wave, blown by breezy guitars and delicate drumming. The female vocals have been soaked in a vat of reverb, the echoes dripping from every sincere note. They coax forth memories, old and forgotten and barely there, dozing at the back of your mind. "Your hair was black and your eyes were sore" goes one particularly nice line, evoking sighs and contented yawns in equal measure. A flurry of senses come alive. Cold water lapping between your toes. A snow shower descending from the heavens along with crisp morning air. Your breath falls from icy lips in a cloud, billowing and dancing before fading from view. This song will bring different images to mind for everyone, but bring them it will. It is one lovely and chilled out number, quietly happy and yet quietly sad. Yearning. Longing. Remembering. I'm certainly keeping my 'Sore Eyes' on Sun Sister, and I hope you'll do the same! Stream it up above!