Wednesday, December 28, 2011

MP3// Woman E: Desire

This whole post is a pretty strange occurrence for me. The latest track from Woman E, a duo based down in London, 'Desire' initially encapsulated everything I don't like about the quality of modern mainstream pop. A basic dance beat is there, unimaginative, danceable and swamped in cold technicality, computerised and produced to the max. However, when we get to the melody and vocals, something grabbed my attention. The sincerity and pain of heartbreak threaten to tug at your own heartstrings, passionate and angry and ever so sad. They pulsate beneath that icy rhythm with a melancholic warmth, and I was, despite a multitude of qualms, impressed. I was determined to find a video. To put lips to the sound they made led me to the live version you can stream above. I openly prefer this version to the other and not just because of Ria Berlin's mesmerising vocal techniques. The trumpet from OoverMatic adds a whole new layer to the music and I love it. Sure the video and the sound are improvised, but the low comforting throb of the trumpet and the more prominent piano melodies are just fantastic. Whatever your musical preferences, go and stream both versions of 'Desire' above and if possible, comment with your favourite! If Woman E tickle your fancy, you can discover more at their fantastically designed website, right over here!