Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekly Classic: Mike Oldfield: In High Places

I thought it was about time we got back to doing Weekly Classics you mightn't have heard of, so when the guys over at LYFSTYL posted this 1987 track from Mike Oldfield I just had to share it. Everything about the number emulates a ethereal beauty, from delicate reverb to abundant high notes to an airy beat and hopeful melody. "Could we get much higher/ Could we get much lighter/ navigator, to Heaven" is my favourite line from these three and a half minutes. It marks the introduction of the defined drum beat, tip-toeing over melody-tinged clouds. Kanye West used a sample in his song 'Dark Fantasy', and it's easy to see why. Stream 'In High Places' above and have a gander at the original LYFSTYL post here!