Friday, December 9, 2011

MP3// Perfume Genius: All Waters

Perfume Genius is for all its sins just one man, Mike Hadreas, but sometimes it is so easy to forget that! 'All Waters' is one of those occasions. A relatively short track taken from his forthcoming Matador release 'Put Your Back N 2 It', this number runs just over two minutes from front to back, but you've never heard two minutes like them. I often fear I overuse the word 'beautiful', but trust me when I say it here. When I say I get goosebumps hearing one particular song, believe me, I've never meant it more than I do regarding this track. Every single note here stuns. Sometimes you'll come across music and expect a note that never arrives. With 'All Waters' I knew what note I wanted to hear and Perfume Genius fulfilled all my expectations with unprecedented beauty and sincerity and ethereal wonder. This is the reason I do what I'm doing right now. To find a song that throbs and pulsates and breaths. A track that sounds above all others. Alive and conscious of itself. The vibrating synths on this song beat like a sonic heart, pumping heart-rendering words through your very being. You cannot do anything but listen, and when it's over you cannot hit play again. A strange fear grips you. You don't wish to get accustomed to what you've just heard. Its rhythms or private thoughts. You don't want it to lose its magic and you know what? I don't think it will!