Saturday, December 10, 2011

VIDEO// The Newds: Chasing Shadows

Quite a while back The Newds dropped the humourous video for their track 'Go Getter', in which there was a lot of smile-inducing lyrics and acting from the Bolton born band of four. The thought crossed my mind: how would they fare with a more serious song? While their sense of humour was brilliant and made for a wonderful, fantastic, care-free number, I was hoping a track like 'Chasing Shadows' would come along and reveal a different side to an already very relatable outfit, and it did. Dressed in a suit, with a semi-permanent furrow on his brow, the lead singer here sings a song of anger and regret and saddening passion. It is a track composed of a keyboard, drums, guitar, bass and an obvious need to succeed. I can't help but love it, with all its melodic retrospection and working class charm. You could see any of these men on the streets and never realise the talent and skill their group most certainly has. Everything from The Newds is stunning so watch 'Chasing Shadows' above!