Sunday, December 18, 2011

MP3// Sleigh Bells: Born to Lose

My review of this duo's album 'Treats' was particularly damming, but I stand by what I said. "Musical bombardment" summed up my opinion quite nicely, and I still think that this simply relentless ethos Sleigh Bells radiate doesn't work on prolonged saunter into their dystopia of a world. As such, please excuse my lack in eagerness to hear 'Born to Lose', the title of which hardly emulates a change in pace. In my ongoing quest for good music however, I'm pleasantly surprised to say that this Brooklyn two-piece might have delivered on this sonic crusade of mine! The four minute number opens with those same drum-machine phrases that have become a key characteristic of the band, but rock-orientated power guitars give a certain pounding, throbbing rhythm to the song, which I love. The semi-ethereal vocals are supported by furious harmonies, an appealing contrast emerging between the two. At 1.40 both a shift in volume and tone makes for a very interesting listen. Guitar lines lick at the subtleties brought out by the backing track, and as the end draws to a close, you can appreciate the slow, foreboding alien throb presiding over it. Stream 'Born to Lose' above!