Sunday, December 18, 2011

MP3// Memoryhouse: The Kids Were Wrong

Memoryhouse have been likened to Beach House. It's a fairly honest comparison to make, as both sounds are built upon chilled out, dreampop foundations. Memoryhouse is also a duo, a characteristic not unbeknown to fans of the Baltimore outfit mentioned before. This latest track, the first from Evan Abeele and Denise Nouvion's debut album, an effort set to drop at the end of February, is entitled 'The Kids Were Wrong'. Despite all of its rebellious connotations the music behind this name is as soothing as ever. An upbeat number, these fantastic vocals emerge from the sun laden beat. A reverberating melody lifts the content, sigh-soaked lyricism up into clouds that feel heavy with memory and the strain not to rain. Futile grasps at a summer long gone makes Memoryhouse and a debut album seem very exciting! Stream 'The Kids Were Wrong' above and relinquish your email for a download!