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Here at Music Dissection, we don't like to indulge in music that is 'commercially viable'. We don't want to stare forlornly into the bowels of something that has been ripped apart by every music blog on the internet, and nor do we want to paddle fruitlessly in shallow and unoriginal content. We're much happier supporting smaller, independent artists and covering music that you haven't heard!

If you want to contact us, then feel free. We're always open to requests, album-wise. If you have a physical release you'd like to send over, just email and we'll pass on our address. If you've got the EP or album streaming however (on either the SoundCloud or Bandcamp) then that's fine too. Just go ahead and send us the link. Bear in mind that we are an independent site, but if you're emailing this humble blog, then we are obliged, I think, to give whatever you've got a listen!


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