Friday, February 1, 2013

VIDEO// Tyro: Blind Eye

I've put off posting anything by this Merseyside quintet, mainly because I know the five gents and it would be hard to write anything without a certain, unavoidable bias! However, with the release of a music video I think it's only appropriate that I type something up. And in truth, the song is far from awful. Built on the back of a somewhat nostalgic refrain, the melodic guitar phrases offset perfectly the emotional authority of the vocalist. He sings with a passion and humility and humanity, and while the lyrical themes may be a little too surreal, there is enough weight behind them to keep them grounded. A comparatively heavy riff helps to balance out this melancholy, but the overall tone remains pretty much the same. Life drops a bombshell every once in a while, and all you can do is bear it. The band's ability to relate this sense of anguish and acceptance is uplifting, and while 'Blind Eye' isn't perfect, it is an undeniably solid debut!