Sunday, December 11, 2011

VIDEO// YACHT: I Walked Alone

YACHT's video for their track 'I Walked Alone' is suitably chaotic and mesmerising and just completely out of this world. These five minutes of pure madness are taken from the duo's fantastic album 'Shangri-La', which dropped last June. It's hard not to watch Jona Bechtolt as he stumbles around a vast plain, his drugged out dance moves strangely captivating in their seemingly improvised insanity. You eyes become transfixed, intrigued by this strange creature singing and moving and playing guitar. Beat-heavy electronic quirks are one of a few characteristics that make YACHT that unique and individual thing it is, and 'I Walked Alone' encapsulates their execution of such sound perfectly. You will not have listened to or seen anything like this, which is reason enough to do so. If you, like me, found all of the sensibilities and singularity here a little overwhelming I suggest watching an interview with YACHT to convince yourself Bechtolt isn't crazy! I do love it though, so stream it up above!