Friday, December 9, 2011

MP3// Work Drugs: Dirty Dreams

First off we've had a couple of changes made to the face of the blog. There's now a lovely new Follow button to your right for anyone who wants to know about mp3s and reviews as soon as they're posted! Also, instead of NEWS//, you'll notice an MP3// post title which just seemed well, more sensible. Now you may remember me posting a Work Drugs track quite a while back, but 'Dirty Dreams' is another, and dropped onto the blogosphere a few days ago. A four minute escape from reality, Work Drugs labours are laid upon instrumentals by Philly artist Dylan Sieh. Summery vibes run up and down the back of the song like children along a beach. Sand flows between your toes, cemented by refreshingly cool water, clear blue and glistening in the afternoon sun. The vocals are suitably relaxed, holding onto the day and refusing to let it succumb to night. The whole number it fantastic, but the frantic conclusion makes it for me. Stream 'Dirty Dreams' up above and get lost in the last ebbing rays of sunlight. If you happen to like it then, head to the SoundCloud and grab it for free!