Thursday, December 8, 2011

NEWS// Mike Snow: Devil's Work MP3

Mike Snow dropped this little track only yesterday and yet a number of blogs have already covered it! After about half a second of deliberation I tentatively had a listen, and I haven't looked back since. These four minutes are simply stunning, and after that similarly brilliant debut released back in 2009, my worry of disappointment was immediately dispelled. The incredible vocals are better than ever, supported by taunt horns and piano lines shivering with deep, soothing tension. Sonic spaces are crammed with dance sensibilities that, while still accessible, remain beautifully sincere, dusted in nostalgic freckles. Uplifting interludes split periods of unashamed solemnity, musing the notion of moral high ground. Electronic builds and drops and thoughtfully wrought detail highlight an exacting example of how the use of technology and physical instrumentation can come together to create something all too magnificent. Stream 'Devil's Work' up above and have a look at the official video here!