Friday, December 30, 2011

MP3// NITE FIELDS: Come Down

Australia's own NITE FIELDS dropped 'Come Down' yesterday, and with 'Happy New Year' emblazoned upon the cover art, you cannot help but look forward to those twelve, exciting months ahead of us. As a music blogger, 'Come Down' marks the start of another exciting year, and one I'm more than eager to get stuck into! Speaking of 'Come Down' however, I have to admit I love it. The muffled vocals are deep and booming. They throb and thunder over powerful, no-nonsense guitars and an attenuated melancholy easily unnoticed. The start is blown in by the winds of discontent, uneasy and tense and swamped by the lament of many a ghost. You cannot make out individual words, but when a song can get across an emotion without clarity, that is when it words best. Bass notes are utilised exceptionally well here, pulsating below a film of weary attitude. It's more than great, so stream it above!