Sunday, January 1, 2012

MP3// Lustworks: Alluring

Lustworks dropped this little number onto my SoundCloud a couple of days ago, and while it is New Years Day, and I should probably be celebrating, 'Alluring' demands my attention. A very left-field track, the layers to it create a level of undeniable intrigue. Numerous sonic details fleet between notes, revealing themselves only upon repeated listen. One singular vocalise is constantly at the forefront of the music, but that's not really what you should be listening to. It's alien sensibilities fluctuate and pulsate, technical glitches flickering within a gloomy and dimly lit alien craft. Behind this abrasive war-cry however lies something all together different. Like the man behind the Wizard of Oz, you hear behind the somewhat mesmerising vocal a gentleman's stroll, embodied by a whistle. Patches of surreal, muffled chanting from our magnificent alien being conclude with terrifying whispers, backed by a 'War of the Worlds' esque melody, hard and tension-building and so wondrously ominous! Stream 'Alluring' in all of its enchanting experimentation above and grab a download here!