Sunday, January 1, 2012

MP3// Granit: Aresta

Granit is Alba and Cristina, a Spanish electronic duo hailing from Barcelona. To journey to their SoundCloud is to be met by only one track, standing proud in its defiant singularity. A four minute number, the seconds accumulating under the title 'Aresta' are blissful seconds indeed. Such an empowering moniker is translated as 'Edge', and everything seems to act as though they're on one. The edge of the world is no time for anger, so a happiness and soothing calmness prevail as you listen. Passionate feelings radiate out from the Spanish vocals, lyrics sang with universal emotion. You don't need to understand the words at all. I find music works best if even without defined verses you can understand the tone. Granit do just that. A massaging beat supports a mellow melody and melancholy singing. Subtle echoes bounce back and forth against the seams of the track, the beautiful harmonies at 1:28 rippling down your back and making your hairs stand on end. A constant tinkling puts emphasis on the surreal nature of these girls' world, and I only wish that I could join them!