Thursday, January 12, 2012

MP3// SPECTACLES: Babygurl

Californian producer SPECTACLES has an album in the works. With 'Babygurl' at it's helm I'm not sure such a record could have asked for a better ambassador! Three minutes that peel away at the boundary separating electronic sounds and rock sensibilities, 'Babygurl' is a subtly surreal number. Wavering electronic phrases reverberate through empty space as samples dodge their dangerously blissful ignorance. A guitar interlude drives forwards, its riffs echoing across the ages with unwary condemnation, powering onwards through an industrial cityscape and devouring everything with terrifying quiet. Ominous undertones paint the landscape a barren red, machines thinking instead of man, their metal eyebrows never once raising question or contemplation. 'Babygurl' is a very intriguing tack indeed! I can catch glimpses of a world running so fast we measure time by months, yet the song is not thus! Hear 'Babygurl' above, and await an album via SPECTACLES SoundCloud here!