Monday, January 9, 2012

VIDEO// Henry Dutton: Koadij / Beats & Poles

After two rather serious reviews, what we all need is a video of a pole-dancer dancing to a Korg PadKontrol right? The video is shot by David Dutton, who also filmed that Frail video I covered last week, and the music is that of his brother, Henry Dutton. The utilisation of a PadKontrol is interesting to watch, even if the final track isn't really that amazing. However, I do enjoy the full circle the music takes, sounds layered onto a simple beat and ultimately peeled away as the song concludes. It's a sound structural technique, but the real star of the show isn't that. Rather, the dancer holds our focus, her position up the poles acting as an equaliser to Henry Duttons sonic experiment. His fingers work magic across this sixteen button grid, each square loaded with a different sound. Its fascinating, so watch up above!