Saturday, January 28, 2012

REVIEW// New Addiction: New Addiction EP

      Israeli rockers New Addiction and their eponymous debut have been lying within my inbox for a while now, the stack of emails currently sporting dimensions of an inexplicably abhorrent nature. Crushed below the most ungainly of weights, New Addiction lay, their EP fearing the cavernous incline of my trash-can's gloomy ravine! Luckily however the weekend's catch-up session came and these six tracks exalted. On hitting play I was hit in the chest with not surprise, but rather an innate sense of personal disappointment. For New Addiction's EP is glorious, and my readiness to sentence it to soundless void and silent vacuum opened up an unfathomable nadir beneath my feet. Fuelled by grunge rock sensibilities, this EP is an incredible one, no-nonsense riffs and pounding drums backing vocals bred for rock 'n roll! Soaring anthemic refrains and stunning guitar solos race across perfect production, tonal waves swelling through the EP with ease. Builds and climaxes are executed with rebellious magnificence, throbbing and euphoric and, while not revolutionary or experimental by any means, wondrously refreshing. Sometimes you just need some strong rock tunes, and this EP and its creators are more than happy to oblige! Intelligent complexities accumulated in a release as powerfully compelling as any album of recent years? New Addiction are here!
     Opening the EP is 'Red Eyes', epic notes and awe-inspiring harmonies utilised to great effect. Layers of vocals compliment the steady beat and lyrical badassery, sonic details a conscious inclusion that flit brilliantly between your headphone channels. A squealing solo runs into an almost overwhelming hand clap/drum beat before the intricate, elaborate end leads into 'Underwater'. A softer story written with a blues-infused guitar contrasts the first track fantastically, naturally evolving into something more mature both lyrically and tonally! 'Sky's pulsating bass and keyboard synths are the flawless backdrop to a simply faultless performance, 'The Wave' a worthy successor to its graceful grandeur. A darker shade is a prevailing element, classic-rock guitar phrases riding atop it with well-deserving flourish. A reverberation lends the track a retrospective scope so vast and boundless it takes a while to fully comprehend. The sublime guitar solo evokes a stomach-clenching passion hard to deny! The mechanical, industrial vibe of 'Forever' follows, a stomping rhythm reflecting its determination to be remembered. Loud, aggressive and complex, metal cogs grind and an inordinate amount of destruction ensues. Your heart pounds so hard your ribs threaten to split, and I loved every second I endured such an enfilade! A penultimate paragon indeed!
     Opening with the layering of riffs, 'Belong's prolonged notes and pacey aesthetics are a suitable conclusion to this inconvievably arresting release. Their assured confidence is both striking and befitting of an EP that radiates passion and practise and talent. As New Addiction's debut EP, and in contrast to its intial rank within my inbox, it's now I who seems to be crushed. Buckling under the weight of anticipation, my praise is perhaps illimitable? I couldn't find a purchase link, but hear the EP and like these four guys on Facebook here!