Friday, January 20, 2012

MP3// SBTRKT: Atomic Peace

This 'new' track from SBTRKT has been floating around the blogosphere through the day. I've put the word 'new' in inverted commas, because 'Atomic Peace' was actually recorded three years ago, when Music Dissection was a mere thought swirling around life's cosmos! A remix/edit of Mum's 'Flow Not So Fast Old Mountain Radio', these four minutes precede everything I've heard from the London producer. An historic catalyst, we can see the start of SBTRKT's career, unveiled bit by bit and built upon by every glorious synth. Raindrops collide with reality, a surreal melody playing out their oh-so-significant death. Complexities shudder and swell without need for recognition. Sometimes you can hear voices, chatting below the warm beat and throbbing bass line. Tinkles echo and hide in the track's shadow, unifying the work with utter perfection. It is well-deserving of your time, so stream it above! Heck, I could sit and listen to this on repeat for days! It's relaxing chillwave at its very best!