Thursday, January 12, 2012

MP3// Old Suits: God Say You Will (Closure)

Manchester's Old Suits dropped this four minute number onto the SoundCloud just over a week ago as the first track from their forthcoming EP, and while I'm not in love with it, there are aspects that reveal an awful lot of talent. As a quintet there's the ability and possibility on the band's behalf to record a track of grandeur and scale and scope, and at times they push this element through harmonies and powerful choruses in a very impressive manner. Soaring pop verses and sun-soaked melodies wander in abundance through the song, an undeniably summery vibe radiating from the instrumentation and offsetting those epic and relatively intense sections with interludes of subtly and detail. The vocals from Pedro Lax aren't the best I've ever heard, and stumble off and onto the right track a couple of times. They're not monotonous by any standards, but sometimes I'm just waiting for that varying pitch. The build and climax that conclude the song are fantastic, the quiet defiance of "I'll never leave" growing into a passionate scream as our protagonists run through the street after the person they love. The monogamous marriage between man and music, Old Suits connect well with the listener, and have bucket-loads of potential! Keep both ears pricked!