Wednesday, January 25, 2012

MP3// Kids On Bridges: Check Your Head

If there was ever a track to get you up and dancing, 'Check Your Head' has just outranked it! A self-proclaimed 'dirty filthy electro pop' duo, Kids On Bridges dropped this romp of an episode upon their SoundCloud a while back. Taken from their single 'This is Widescreen/ Check Your Head', which drops on February 20th, these four minutes radiate the carefree disco mentality the 70's were proud to have provoked. I'm not a huge fan of vocoders and at points they are too prominent in their utilisation here, but the easy falsetto and boast of a dual refrain make up for this small complaint! High hats and funky electric guitars create retro soundscapes that seem to pulsate with the dance-moves of many a party-goer, and I will admit I lost all control over my feet as I listened! Synthesisers also add to the throng to make an already irresistible number somewhat of a phenomenon, and one easy for me to recommend to you! Stream 'Check Your Head' in all it's blithe electro-pop sublimity above!