Saturday, January 14, 2012

VIDEO// A Classic Education: Baby, It's Fine

Directed by blogger Jamie Harley, and featuring the incredible Marion Ottaviani, A Classic Education dropped the video for their track 'Baby It's Fine' a few days ago. Taken from the Italian garage-rockers' album 'Call it Blazing', this relatively short two minute number is full of terrified undertones hiding beneath the sense of unparalleled euphoria that comes with unplanned teenage rebellion. Our Parisian protagonist is alone on the streets of France. The thought was a good one until the last rays of daylight blinked out of existence beyond the horizon. The whole track throbs with the heartbeat of this girl, a weary sonic triptych at 0:17 making me feel like a helpless spectator to her fear. A momentary lapse of darkness ultimately falls with a saddening diminuendo. A dulling of the light that coaxes forth the low, almost apocalyptic melody that makes 'Baby, It's Fine' the brilliant thing it is. A desperation grip the song, broken by interludes of hope and the shuddering of temporary sighs. It's an exceptional song and a breath-taking video so stream both up above, and find more here!