Sunday, January 29, 2012

VIDEO// Algodón Egipcio: Los Temas Turbios

Venezuela's Algodón Egipcio dropped this neat video a couple of weeks back, for the four minute number 'Los Temas Turbios', which translates as 'The Murky Issues'. Sang entirely in Spanish, I can't hazard a lyrical interpretation for fear of misplacing your understanding! Needless to say, the electronic waves of nostalgia and constant underlying rhythm relay a tale all their own. Initial whirrs and glitches lead into a comfortable groove, resounding and low and soothing. The vocals reverberate across the deserts of America's Nevada, telling of discovery and maturity and the incomprehensible thoughts of a man without a future. A sense of ambiguity helped by Egipcio's native tongue prevails, spates of sadness broken by interludes of euphoric exaltation and instrumental melancholia. An apt fade-out closes 'Los Temas Turbios', his singing dappled in the unbidled, hope-fuelled glare of a newborn sun. The film is composed of 1960's clips by Broken Machine Films' infallible Josh Rogers!