Monday, January 2, 2012

VIDEO// The Frail: Frenemies

San Francisco quartet The Frail dropped this music video for their track 'Frenemies' back in November, yet it seems strangely suitable for the new year. As we attack January's cold and post-Christmas blues with freshly-incensed gusto, the sight of partying and the sound of care-free electro-pop drives us forward. After a wild night out, this group decide to cure their surreal hangovers with another run of San Francisco's bars, and their determination to have a good time is equal in their determination to make you smile! The fantastic David Dutton shot the four minute video using SnorriCams, which makes it seem as though the subject of the shot is standing still and the world is moving around them, as opposed to the reality of the situation. Its a pretty neat effect when utilised effectively, and fortunately I think Dutton got it spot on! Musically things don't really kick off until about halfway through the film, but the scene setting introduction is superb. A distinct and mesmerising melody is a reminder of the night before. An attenuated drum builds, and subtle sonic tinkles float in amongst the notes. Vocals arrive, muffled and reverberating in their own little world, and a passionate sensibility soaks the lyrical adventures of these four guys as they weave their merry way around the city. The numerical sequence thrown in a couple of times feels a bit lazy but hey, you're witnessing the band getting quite drunk. Cut them some slack! Stream the full video up above and check out the rest of David Dutton's brilliant filmography here!