Friday, January 13, 2012

MP3// Manna: Wishing Well feat Mark Lanegan

Finnish-Algerian songstress Manna dropped her album 'Shackles' upon the crown of our beautiful blogosphere last year, so I'm a bit late in jumping on the Bandwagon! However, it was the hark of more recent birdsong that commanded my attention. For the remainder of January, Manna is letting anyone and everyone grab a copy of 'Wishing Well', for free. My eager ears pricked at the thought and I'm glad they did. With Mark Lanegan of Screaming Trees fame contributing his grunge sensibilities to astonishing effect, these four minutes are more than worth the download. Offsetting Mannas delicate audacity with Lanegan and his gravelly, hard-rock vocals is a level of instrumentation that is executed perfectly. Blues infused guitars play with a rock 'n roll power, melodies of the utmost omnipotence falling in place beside folk-inspired interludes and roaring electronic riffs. There's an amplitude and yet a sense of rural, old-fashioned superstition that becomes embodied by the lyricism. I admire greatly the harmony within 'Wishing Well', so go ahead and download it over here!