Friday, January 20, 2012

MP3// Ouisa Hound: Gloom Roaming

Writing up a post late at night is surreal. The quiet envelops you, as the hypnotic tapping of your keyboard details the usually unnoticeable hum of your old computer. Ohio’s Ouisa Hound dropped 'Gloom Roaming' a month ago, as the ultimate track off of his forthcoming album 'The Joy Eclectic'. It provides a soundtrack to my musing, a euphoric contemplation of life that builds and grows as layers of sample and emotion and cosmological truth mull over the glorious and unparalleled mortality of man. As a wistful melody plays you hear an almost dream-like set of sounds. Fountains trickle and birds chirp. A sun shimmers and a soft breeze blows. Ethereal vocals hum and sing with every grace. A vast expanse of land stretches away as your bare feet lift away from the grass and all of its caressing fingers. A desire to run takes hold, the knowledge that your life is finite urging you onward, to strive for happiness. 'Gloom Roaming's beat matches the pulse of your heart, guitars and synth providing ample inspiration to follow in the pursuit of happiness. For to be happy is to live!