Tuesday, January 10, 2012

MP3// White Rabbits: Heavy Metal

White Rabbits are a New York sextet and 'Heavy Metal' is their latest number. From such a statement you might infer that the band play a form of well, heavy metal. You'd be wrong. I made such an assumption opening the gates to this four and a half minute track, but upon entering White Rabbits humble abode you're met by a rather delightful brand of indie-rock that pleasantly, defies all expectations. Instead of hard riffs and pounding drums, a chilled out concentration of electronic melodies and constant beat emerge from the out. Abrasive guitars pop up now and again amongst a multitude of bizarre sounds. Shakers, a catchy piano phrase and intriguing synths all show their faces at some point or another. The lead singers sings at fluctuating pitches as your foot taps along to his confident vocal groans and alluring air. At 2:15 an interlude begins, finger clicks and heavy, awe-inspiring guitar work taking place. The way White Rabbits stop and start is a technique executed brilliantly by them. All the above elements are mixed and presented in a manner that keeps you on your toes! It's a great track, so stream up above and hopefully we'll get a full-length soon!