Friday, January 6, 2012

MP3// Nerve City: Sleepwalker

When lo-fi music it done well, it shines out as truly magnificent. Nostalgic and humble, and more often than not home-recorded, there is a well-placed air around every note, full of a certain emotional intelligence nothing else quite manages to match. Taken from Nerve City and their EP 'Sleepwalker', this title track ticks all of the above boxes. Its guitar and drums contrast in their upbeat sensibility with both the vocals and the lyrics they relay. Singing a tale of loss and heartbreak, there is a weary age to the voice here. You can almost see a face, tired eyes teary amidst creases and wrinkles and half-shaven stubble. A hat sits on his head, the brim stained and lived in and full of stories. The reverb here is executed at a level so high I fear that it will be a long time till I hear something equally as well, pure. Hear 'Sleepwalker', with all of its haunting, sleeplessness above, and just imagine. Two minutes it may be, but once heard, I doubt very highly that you'll forget it any time soon. The EP is fantastic but some things don't need reviewing. Find the six tracks on Sacred Bones here!