Monday, January 9, 2012

VIDEO// Belleruche: Stormbird

I found this while browsing and I'll admit that I've never heard of Belleruche before now. An electro-soul trio from North London, 'Stormbird' is the first single from their forthcoming LP 'Rollerchain', an effort set to drop on July 5th. Their fourth release through Tru Thoughts, a Brighton-based label, 'Stormbird' sets the bar of anticipation squint-inducingly high. Its a fantastic number, Kathrin deBoer's vocals wondrously fast from the outset. The lyrics gain a very alien sensibility, mesmerising and soothing and truly captivating. Abstract shots of smoke and fencing and feathers surround deBoer's strange dancing style while crystalline singing pans through the back of your head. What really grabs you however, is the finish! The final curtain call rushes to throw out the words, speeding everything up until you can feel your heart pounding beneath a strained ribcage. It is stunning, so stream it all above!