Wednesday, January 18, 2012

MP3// COOLRUNNINGS: Spirit of the High

The genre that Knoxville's COOLRUNNINGS have decided to explore is 'post-rad'. It lies at the bottom of their Bandcamp pages with carefree ignorance, eyes blind to worldly worries and smug with the determination to takes this nice and slow! 'Spirit of the High' dropped a few days ago and is available to download for whatever price you deem appropriate. This four minute lesson in basking under the sun grooves with pleasant contemplation, steady drums and fuzzy guitars warming your soul. Reverberated vocals and wistful harmonies, a combination made for COOLRUNNINGS, relay lyrics that moot and muse and mull over the concept of love and life and making the most out of both. The second half of the number rocks out on the back of perfect instrumentation, cymbals clashing and harmonies wailing! All the while the bands eyes are closed to the worlds worries and the glare of a monstrous midday sun. Listen to 'Spirit of the High' above, then name-your-price to download it here!