Monday, January 2, 2012

MP3// Grand Prismatic: Radio Cure

Grand Prismatic are going to be a tad left-field for some. You may dismiss with a grunt the mere idea of trudging across such a field to see the band play from a different angle, but I assure you your altered perspective and admirable perseverance will reveal something so truly heart-warming, your heart-strings will swoon. 'Radio Cure' is the latest track from this four-man outfit, a group hailing out of Melbourne Australia. Five and a half minutes long, it opens with a soothing guitar melody, broken soon after starting by the vocals. Something about them initially doesn't click. The few seconds before the deep bass note seem a little forced perhaps, but not as you'd expect. The higher, softer range isn't shouted, but still it feels unnatural. Take note of the word 'initially' though. The more you hear 'Radio Cure'  the more you come to realise. Everything about the track works, imprinting an individuality and unique charm on every note. The subtle complexities of the instrumentation. It's ability to swamp the lyrics in a level of glory and magnificence and awe-inspiring beauty at 2:40. I am in love with 'Radio Cure', its tonal tides swelling and building into a euphoric climax. It's an opener to the year that opens your eyes. Stream it up above then find more over here! I've forgot to mention that this is a Wilco cover but everything written up above still stands!