Saturday, January 14, 2012

MP3// Field Mouse: Glass

When Brooklyn quartet Field Mouse dropped their cover of Deerhunter's 'Helicopter' back in May, which is an absolutely stunning number, I couldn't have anticipated hearing 'Glass' almost nine months later. However, here we are with another soaring dream-pop gem lying in our laps. Rachel Browne's crystalline vocals sing with melancholic retrospection lyricism of the greatest proportions. Verses intertwine with a glorious chorus effortlessly, revealing a perfectly constructed song with foundations of an unbreakable ore. Browne and guitarist Andrew Futral write with undeniable skill, lines like "Push smoke through the air / while you live out there" springing from their combined imaginations. Drummer Geoff Lewit's intricate drum phrases carry the surreal melody, while Allison Weiss's bass rides atop it, radiating a midday warmth with ease. Its a lovely track so stream above and download it for free here!