Monday, January 16, 2012

MP3// Dress Rehearsal: The Lazy River Road

Rarely do I ever find music that endears itself to me so completely and without cause that I fall short of words to describe it. Dress Rehearsal are a four-piece musical assemble from Toronto, and their two track effort 'The Lazy River Road' has I think, just done exactly that! Composed of 'Morning Grey' and 'River Blue', which you can stream up above, it's nothing short of truly and sincerely and inexplicably beautiful. 'River Blue's humble guitar strum a catchy melody with your heartstrings, lead vocals relaying lyricism of the utmost brilliance! The number swells and builds with subtle attenuation, without need of recognition. These four musicians feels so together you almost choke up, an honesty and unparalleled desire to watch them sit upon the bank of their Lazy River running into your mind. They play that almost overwhelmingly sad melody of 'Morning Grey' genuinely, with such innocence and faultlessly nostalgic elegance that you cannot fail to fall head over heels for it. Graciously emotional, Dress Rehearsal are so quietly content and stunningly unassuming, you wish for all the world that they would get all the praise they deserve. Part of me feels as though I haven't done 'The Lazy River Road' justice here, but another part tells me nobody could! Stream 'River Blue' above, and grab the rest of this acoustic perfection for free over here!