Monday, January 9, 2012

VIDEO// Autoheart: Control

I shared Autoheart's 'Control' as an MP3 last month, but here is the long-awaited video for it! It's a four minute indie-pop gem, and the video highlights that to unparalleled effect! My eyes reflect back nostalgic clips that crackle and blur under summer sun and a film of dust that makes every second feel like uncovering memory after beautiful memory. Watching a heart-broken man sing of a floundering relationship is a concept all too common in todays pop music, but Autoheart seem to have ran their fingers along enough love-induced scars to accurately relay the pain felt beneath them. Keyboard melodies splash against the side of 'Control', every so often breaching the edge under the winds of a passionate storm. It's a great music video to a brilliant number! Watch up above and read my original post here!