Saturday, December 17, 2011

MP3// Autoheart: Control

Danton Supple should be a familiar name for any Coldplay fan. The producer of 'X & Y', a classic album for many, Supple's talent looks set to place Autoheart's debut on a pedestal of similar acclaim! 'Control' is the lead single from this forthcoming record and at a current download price of absolutely nothing, it's well worth checking out. A quintet formed in East London Autoheart record a rather brilliant form of indie pop, laden with keyboard melodies and lead singer Jody's melancholy vocals. Previously known as The Gadsdens, the group has fortunately traded that in for a name much easier to pronounce. Fear not however, for a shift in style just doesn't seem to be on the cards for Autoheat and it's just as well! Their previous single 'The Sailor Song' was met with widespread praise, and after listening to it I too wanted to hear more of that same lush, beautiful sound. 'Control' didn't disappoint. An incredible number backed by great bass and subtly danceable drums, these four minutes moot a relationship predestined to flounder. It's a relatively common lyrical theme but then Autoheart manage to lend it a whole new lease of life, and I adore them for doing so. The melody for the chorus is a bit on the unimaginative side from 0.55 to 1.05, but the quibble is hardly worth mentioning when you consider the rest of the song. It's magnificent, quietly sad and everything in between. Extremely strong and yet ever so delicate, 'Control' dries heart-broken tears with its promise of hope. Stream above and await the album next year! Download it at Autohearts SoundCloud page or alternatively get a copy via the Facebook!