Monday, December 12, 2011

MP3// ALPINE: Hands

Alpine is an Australian six-piece and 'Hands' is their latest number, a track taken from their debut LP all set to drop early next year. It's an instant hit. Three minutes of elusive sound, it's pure pop perfection, layered between hand-claps and ethereal vocals and served with a smattering of nostalgic reminiscence. Something about the high, surreal singing reminds me of my childhood, either that or the subtly sad notes such vocals hit. Supported from an unknown point by brilliant drums and a beat to get lost in, 'Hands' manages to occupy the space between happy and melancholy with orchestrated elegance. It's a song of sections, broken by magnificent breaks and a stunningly shocking introduction. The melody gets a grasp upon your mind, catchy and danceable and yet extremely thoughtful and intelligent. Those vocals however are the reason I keep returning. Just as they die down, fading into the background they strike up yet again, gaining passion and scope and scale with every glorious resurrection. I'm very impressed with what Alpine have created, so stream above!