Saturday, December 3, 2011

NEWS// Minimum: Smash Routine MP3

Minimums single 'Smash Routine' is the second song emailed over by London based label Kittiwake Records, the first being Aerials Up and their fantastic number 'I Am'. In an almost complete flipside to that violin-laden tale of yearning, we're dealt with Minimum something electronic and aggressive and in parts unashamedly fierce. With a name dripping in irony, there is a dramatically theatrical tendency on the band's behalf to exaggerate their sound. This is simple in-your-face rock and it works astoundingly well. The vocals bounce from an exceptionally soft 'woo woo woo' to the metal-esque climax, and it's this variation within the music that make it worth your while. The tinkling intro and gruff, untamed guitars are also admirable however, supported by suitably intense drumming that only gets better as these four and a half minutes progress. 'Smash Routine' requires you to do just that. No time for a listen? Make some. Stream above and await the release over at Kittiwake Records here!