Wednesday, December 21, 2011

MP3// Lana Del Ray: Off To The Races

Just found this latest track from Lana Del Ray and I must admit, I'm finding it quite riveting! It's not a video, but I couldn't find a copy of the track that wasn't. Taken from her LP 'Born to Die', which drops early next year, 'Off To The Races' is a considerably dark number and thus in my opinion one of her best. The speed is there and haunting vocals are brilliant in their abundance. Something about the singing, backed by a low, throbbing beat and some hellish backing samples is simply delicious. Split personalities harmonise in parts, split by high, child-like notes that shiver down your spine. Lyrically it's magnificent too, lush and in many ways an example of Lana at her best writing-wise. Monotonous notes pop in and out with epic, soaring synths feeding this girls money-crazed lifestyle. At 2:50 one stark violin enters the beautifully orchestrated chaos. A softer ending compared to the beginning, the verses make my ears swoon. Prolonged notes and a classical, fairytale finish make 'Off to the Races' more of a story than a song. Five minutes of progressive emotion, its stunning!