Wednesday, December 21, 2011

MP3// Bollywood: Antoiança

Bollywood. The word conjures up images of bright colour and upbeat, danceable music. A five minute track, the first few seconds of 'Antoiança' dispel such positive assumptions of it's persona. Dark and throbbing and furrowed eyebrows abound, it's a number of gloom. I look out into the murky street and find melodies flitting like shadows. They stare and moan and find any excuse not to smile. Fog hangs heavy as reverberated post-punk vocals cry, lamenting some unknown loss. The word 'love' stands out amongst an ominous drone, the fluctuating guitar strings echoing across wet, grime-fuelled cobblestones. The click of your shoes is almost audible as the song progresses, your ears often exposed to hopeless and horrific screams, surreal in your distance from them. It is great, so stream it up above! Via.