Friday, December 23, 2011

MP3// Chalk and Numbers: Happiness This Time of Year

Chalk and Numbers seem to be in the mood for Christmas! An early present in the form of 'Happiness This Time of Year' dropped into my inbox from the Brooklyn duo so determined to spread the festive cheer. A welcome edition to the blog and these snow-dusted pages, I found it all rather delightful. 60s inspired pop absent warm bass, these three minutes find dancing outside a pleasant alternative to fireside cosiness, and with so persuasive a song as this I'm forced to agree. You can almost taste the crisp air as sleigh bells tinkle, and as the ethereal vocals relay suitably merry lyricism the snow underfoot crunches beautifully. I am incredibly pleased I listened to 'Happiness This Time of Year', and my cheeks are rosy for doing so! Preparing the way for Chalk and Numbers sophomore album, which is all set to drop in February, 'Happiness This Time of Year' has made me just so. Jubilant, joyous and downright jovial. I was almost ready to stop believing in Santa, but not any more! Get this festive song for absolutely nothing at all over at Chalk and Numbers' Bandcamp here!