Tuesday, December 20, 2011

REVIEW// Yellow Ostrich: The Morgan Freeman EP

     This is hardly a review. More the sharing of an EP. I happened upon this little six track gem only yesterday, however it dropped way back in April last year. Morgan Freeman is a true inspiration for many, so it was only a matter of time until he was sang about! A single line at the bottom of the EPs Bandcamp page reads "Inspired by Morgan Freeman's Wikipedia page". Its a wonderful idea and makes for some fantastically humourous and intutitve music. Some people write lyrics around music. Yellow Ostrich's Alex Schaaf records music about pre- selected words on 'The Morgan Freeman EP' and it's great! Opening with the aptly named 'Morgan Freeman's Early Life', sunbeams shine from the vocals, backed by a startling set of lo-fi percussion. Cutting out two thirds in, we're dealt in its place an acoustic, piano lead harmony, soothing and subtle and undeniably brilliant. 'Morgan Freeman's Debut Roles' is the following number, conforming to the Wikipedia article almost exactly! A smile now firmly planted upon your face, 'Morgan Freeman's Automobile Accident' tries its hardest to make it droop. A sad, slow and restrospective three minutes, a sincere keyboard melody holds a certain fragility and mortality and leads into the next song excellently. An experimental and upbeat twang tinges 'Morgan Freeman's Selected Filmography', before the ultimate, really quite scary ending to 'What Is Morgan Doing Now?' finishes the EP. Available for whatever price you want to pay, stream 'Morgan Freeman's Early Life' down below then go and grab the full EP at Yellow Ostrichs Bandcamp! Also, Wikipedia if you need it is here! Download!