Friday, December 9, 2011

MP3// Kitten: Panic (Smiths Cover)

Taken from the double album 'Please, Please, Please', a tribute record celebrating the life and many hits of The Smiths, Kittens version of the classic track 'Panic' is simply fantastic! I rarely post covers, but this one is truly exceptional and well worth hearing. One almighty, thundering bass line powers through these four minutes, opened by a reverberating, epic and synth-driven introduction. Subtly haunting and elevated by beautifully long notes, the drum beat confidently holds the track together. Singing wise, similarly strong vocals, in all their passion and variation just sound stunning. Echoing harmonies and laments and then choruses so wondrously easy to dance to come and go, but finish in equal measure. This cover of The Smiths song 'Panic' does the original every deserving justice. Stream above!