Friday, December 23, 2011

MP3// Ghost Beach: Crazy Heart

Not entirely a Christmas number now. Well not really a Christmas number at all! The latest track from New York's Ghost Beach is 'Crazy Heart', three minutes of electro-rock that fell ten days ago upon their SoundCloud, much to my delight. Hard riffs open the song before the slower, more deliberate beat kicks in. Vocals compliment this aesthetic. Depressed in verse, the singer has mulled over his words for a while. Euphoric choruses contradict this, proclaiming with tangible passion the faults of his "crazy heart". A phrase wrought with the emotions of our protagonist and detailed with his yearning, the words take a new form as the ending draws near. At 2:37 stark computerisation takes shape, void of human voice. A dark and unforgiving abyss, our singer moves away from the edge in a fit of disconcerting fervor. As the final few seconds loom however, a terrfying realisation washes over you. He intends to jump and with final whispered breaths the song ends. Their Soundcloud's here!