Saturday, December 10, 2011

VIDEO// Twin Sister: Stop ( Session)

This video just speaks for itself. Twin Sister is an American quintet and the offering of pop perfection is much appreciated. From the drums to the high-pitched vocals to the fantastic choruses dripping in chilled out reverb, everything about 'Stop' is simply outstanding. An incredible combination of male and female voices compliment each other perfectly and tell a tale of control, or more, the lack of such. Like driving down a busy street, it's a song that sends you to sleep in the best possible way. Bright lights are dulled and the noise outside become muffled as the hypnotic patter of rain lulls your tired eyes to rest. The throbbing of the engine purrs with content as you lay your head against the window. The coolness of the glass. The blurred, surreal nature of reality beyond it. It's just a wonderful number! Via