Thursday, December 15, 2011

VIDEO// Lana Del Ray: Born to Die

Finally the official video to replace that semi-naked placeholder has arrived! The visual to Lana Del Ray's recently released title track 'Born to Die', taken from a forthcoming record out in January, the film contains within it some pretty stunning moments. One, there are a couple of live tigers mulling over their need to guard Lana's fancy throne. Secondly, there is revealed really quite a vulnerable side to the American pop princess. From the start she seems confident, straight-backed and austere in her retrospection. At 1.17, shifting eyes and an uncomfortable fidgeting make you want to walk in and soften her obvious sadness. By the end however, you realise her split or argument or uncontrollable love for this tattoo laden man has made her stronger. Delicate throat-slitting gestures and the final shocking moments validate my love for both Lana Del Ray's music and her acting. Ever so often the line between the two becomes blurred, her passion and sincerity really shining through. A simply wonderful concept just magnificently executed. Stream and hear 'Born to Die below.