Saturday, December 3, 2011

NEWS// Aerials Up: I Am MP3

Aerials Up are signed to Kittwake Records, the team behind Song of Return, a band which didn't impress me as much as I'd anticipated. A email regarding two new releases from the London based label was met with reluctance, but Aerials Up have restored my confidence! 'I Am' isn't the most imaginative title ever, but it contains some beautifully orchestrated pop magnificence, a confident beat backing an epic, thundering melody. Through those drums and guitars however, there is a subtle delicacy and human warmth, pulsating through the Scottish outfit's violins and gloriously unreserved vocals. It might not be the most original sounding thing in the world, but sometimes that's just not important. I say congratulations, and I'm looking forward to hearing a full-length record sometime soon! Hear 'I Am' above, and look out for the single, which drops on December 12th at Kittwake Records over here.