Saturday, December 3, 2011

NEWS// Mirror Lady: Roman Candles MP3

Mirror Lady, that small bedroom pop outfit from California, are fast becoming very popular, which is recognition they rightly deserve! The spark from their debut track 'Shapes' seems to have stoked a bonfire of sorts, and Mirror Lady are determined to keep the fire roaring! 'Roman Candles' dropped a few days ago, and I think it might just outshine that first song, even after only a couple of listens. Warmer in tone and with vocals still at the forefront of the music, light flickers across vaulted ceilings, chasing echoes and quietly enlightening in a more reserved, thoughtful sort of way. While not drastically slower than that first number, something about it feels calmer. The singing still contrasts with the backing track, a unique lilt lending its individuality to the song in bucket-loads. Lyrically, Mirror Lady remain on top too, with powerful lines like "And when your heart attacks / you'll be screaming my name" pleasing in their abundance. Stream them all up above and check out 'Shapes' over here!