Friday, December 16, 2011

MP3// John K. Samson: When I Write My Master's Thesis

John K. Samson is the rock alternative to Sufjan Stevens. There is all that intelligence and elegance, and even some vocal similarities, all backed by jangly guitars and uplifting drum phrases. He's a truly talented wordsmith, pulling lines of beautiful lyricism from nowhere, a skill I've always revered. Supported by powerful and inspirational rock sensibilities he gets his thoughts across ever so well. A smattering of nostalgia dusts these three minutes, and subtle reverberations detail the swathes of sonic sunlight beaming from your speakers. An incredibly cold winter day it may be, but John K. Samson is determined to remind you all of summer, weeks laid out in front; the world at your feet! Taken from his forthcoming record 'Provincial' which drops on January 24th, stream 'When I Write My Master's Thesis' above.